Logistics Training provided by many educational and consultancy platforms of logistics & supply chain. But Join Study is special in these platforms. Other platforms are only providing training and courses but Join study will provide training and help students to prepare for jobs and entrepreneurship also provide mock interview sessions with resume building sessions. 

Join Study

First we have to understand why shot courses or skill development courses are necessary for logistics and supply chain management?

As you know logistics industries are changing and accepting modern technologies very fast. Market activities and the nature of manufacturing and service industries are also changing. Logistics and supply chain is the backbone of every industry and economy, so it has to change itself as per the demand of each industry and service sector.

Many students and job seekers are trying to get a job in the field of logistics & supply chain but due to lack of knowledge or experiences in this field they will not be able to get any good job. At that time job seekers are not able to join any long term course or any degree and diploma course for knowledge and training. Join Study’s Logistics Courses & Classes are the real choice for those job seekers and students. 

We are going to discuss why logistics courses and training classes are so important and helpful for newcomers, students and job seekers?

There are many course and training provider platforms, consultancy and Institution in the field of logistics & supply chain. Some of them are really big and great institutions and provide world class courses. Pass Out students from those great institutions are really leading the logistics & supply chain industries. They are working as top analytics service providers, consultants and entrepreneurs. They are also working as top managers and executive officers in the industries and government sectors. So we can not compare any short certificate courses or skill development courses to these great courses by the top institutions. Courses by these great Institutions are Academic Courses for Dedicated Students.

We are not discussing here about the great academic courses provided by the great institutions and universities. Academic Courses are always great and no one can say anything about its greatness. 

We are only discussing the short courses and short skill development courses or any short certificate courses in the field of logistics & supply chain. Many career & education counselors and educational platforms are providing these short certificate courses and training courses for logistics & supply chain.

All of these training providers are claiming that they provide the real and up to date training, maybe it is true. 

But how much do they support their learners? 

Providing training is not so important. Without support all these short courses and training are useless. 

How Join Study Support Their Learners of Logistics & Supply Chain?

Logistics courses and training classes by Join Study are available in the cloud system. Cloud system helps learners to study and learn the courses and as per their free and suitable time. Cloud platforms of Join Study are available in the cross operating system and platform. So students or learners can join our courses and training sessions on any device. We also provide live virtual classroom sessions for our learners to teach them like any institutions or training centre. Our live classroom session provides you a complete educational and classroom environment to learn and study. 

The Key Educator and Trainer of our courses is Ajit Kumar Mishra. Mr. Mishra is the Lifetime Chartered Member of the Chartered Institution of Logistics & Transport. Working as a career, education and business consultant of logistics & supply chain. He is also a guest faculty of business administration in some colleges and institutions. Also owning this Knowledge Hub of Logistics “Join Study”.

Logistics courses and training provided by us are always up to date and meeting the latest requirements of logistics & supply chain industries. We also provide mock interviews and resume building sessions for our students. These sessions help them to crack interviews to get their dream jobs. In our courses we added a topic of entrepreneurship development in our syllabus. This topic helps our students to start an entrepreneurship and any business consultancy in the field of logistics & supply chain.

Another very important development by Join study is that we provide a 25% discount in course fees and other facilities to our Economically Weaker Section (EWS) students and learners. These facilities are not only for our Indian students but it is available for our global students also

The biggest support to our students and learners by us is a successful network of our ex-students. Most of our ex-students are working as independent logistics professionals and consultants. Their sharing network works like logistics and supply chain networks. If you will become a sharing partner of their network, then sure they will support you to become an independent logistics professional or a logistics & supply chain consultant. 

We also provide free training in many webinars and online events to our global learners. Any students and learner of any part of the world can join our webinars and online conferences.
So the logistics and supply chain course and training from Join Study is not only a training course but it is a big step towards your successful career.