New Online Courses Launched for Digital Marketing, Share Marketing and GST and Income Tax Filing


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Are you prepared to take a deep dive into the dynamic world of Digital Media, Share Marketing, GST, and Income Tax? Join us at Join Study, an online studying platform curated by means of the professional Ajit Mishra, as we embark on an educational journey this is each enriching and empowering!

Digital Marketing Course: 

Unlock the Power of Online Platforms In cutting-edge virtual age, understanding the nuances of Digital Media is critical. This path is your gateway to gaining knowledge of social media techniques, content material introduction, digital advertising and marketing, and greater. Whether you are an aspiring influencer, marketer, or content author, this path will equip you with the capabilities to thrive in the digital panorama.

 Fees:- INR 5000/- 

Course Period:- 10 weeks.

Share Marketing: 

Navigate the World of Investments Ready to delve into the sector of shares, trades, and investments? Our Share Marketing route gives complete insights into market analysis, funding techniques, risk control, and the art of creating knowledgeable choices within the stock marketplace. Whether you're a newbie or seeking to sharpen your skills, this direction is designed for you.

Fees:- INR 5000/- 

Course Period:- 10 weeks.

GST & Income Tax: 

Demystifying Financial Regulation Tax and financial law can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be complicated! Our course on GST and Income Tax simplifies this complexity, providing clarity on tax laws, compliance, filing procedures, and more. Whether you’re a business owner, an accountant, or just curious about taxes, these courses will give you the knowledge you need. 

Fees:- INR 10,000/-

Course Period:- 14 Week

Why did you choose to join the course? 

  • Expert Guidance: Led by Ajit Mishra, an industry expert with years of experience. 
  • Comprehensive curriculum Structured courses on required topics. 
  • Interactive Learning: Engaging meetings and discussions in the Google Classroom. 
  • Practical insights: real-world examples and case studies for better understanding. 
  • Certification: Earn a valuable certificate upon completion of the course. 

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Join us at Join Study and let’s dive into Digital Media, Share Marketing, GST and Income Tax together! 

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There is no refund or adjustment of course fees with other courses in any condition. Your login details or Code to join courses will be provided to you after properly receiving the course fees. Your login details or classroom code will work only till course period. After course period your login details will expire and you will no longer access the course. You will have to pay course fees in advance. It is your responsibility to join the live classroom session on the prescribed time. There will be no concept of recovery session or re-session for the live virtual classroom session . Students are responsible for their internet speed, connectivity and system.