As you know Join Study is a dedicated platform of skill development in the field of logistics and supply chain. This dedicated online platform has two online skill development courses. These courses are suitable for corporate workers, independent professionals and those who are seeking jobs in the field of logistics and supply chain industries.

The courses are as follows.

  1. Skill development courses in logistics management.
  2. Skill development courses in supply chain analysis.

Each courses has its 12 week durations. The online platform organizer and course owner "Ajit Mishra" announces its new batches in the 15th of each months. 

So in the 15th of every month Join Study has started its new batches of online skill development courses. Fo you can join the course in the 15th of the coming month.

To join the course you have to submit us the given registration form and follow the given instructions with rules and regulations provided by us.