Online classes are the best for skill development courses. These online classes are helpful for corporate workers and independent professionals. these online classes are available in the cloud platform and live virtual classes are open to participate those professionals and corporate workers as per their free time, may be in weekends or in any holiday.  

Join Study has also its educational and skill development classroom at the cloud platform. Our live virtual classes are also decided after a detail discussion with our students and learners. 

To understand our classes and courses you can join our demo classes. to join our demo classes you have to submit the given form. We will inform you a proper date and time after receiving your properly filled form. we will provide you a link to join our demo class to understand the learning system of our classroom.

Please go the link given below to submit the application form of demo class.

If you are not able to click the application form link, then copy and paste the link to the browser and enter.