Welcome to Join Study's Classroom Newsletter. Here you will see our all educational activities. join study will notify you all it's activities here. 

As you know Join Study will help those students and learners who are not able to join very costly training program to upgrade their skills in the field of logistics & supply chain. 

We have all types of training programme some are paid and some are free. Time to time we also organize some free online events for skill developments. Our events are highly productive and based on skill development study pattern. 

Here you will also informed batches and schedules of coming free and paid classes for you. We are going to add some other activities also regarding skill development and professional consultations. 

You will get all types of notification regarding you skill, career and professional development. we have some training programs for corporate workers and independent professionals also.

Join Study dedicated itself for education, career and business solution in the field of logistics & supply chain industries.