Join Study's Logistics Training Classroom

Moodlecloud is a cloud based service to educators, teachers and trainers by Moodle. Moodlecloud platform helps the educator to manage their classes by hosting a Moodle open software. Moodlecloud takes a very reasonable price to manage Moodle LMS on this cloud hosting platform for online training and classes. Like Google Classroom, Moodle is also a very popular platform for organizing any online training or teaching classes. 
Join Study has also Online Logistics Training Classroom on Moodle hosting at Moodlecloud. As it is already discussed that Join Study's Logistics Training Classroom is already on Moodlecloud and organized by Ajit Kumar Mishra, CMILT. 

How to join the logistics training classroom?

To join the logistics training classes by Join Study, first you have to submit a Registration Form. After receiving and reviewing your application for registration, we will send course fees payment link to you on your registered email. After receiving the course fees we will activate your classroom login account and will send you your login details like username and password to your registered email. 
Using the provided login details you have to login the logistics training classroom first and change your password as you wish. After changing your password you can create your profile as you wish. you will be already added to the course or courses for which you applied and paid the course fees. 

How to learn in a logistics training classroom?

 After login to the classroom and enter the course you will see all the Study Materials in the format of PDF, Docs, Slid-shows, Videos etc. as per topic and syllabus of your training course. In the classroom you will see all Assignments are available to do for you. All study materials and assignments are available in cloud link so you can access it as per your available time or free time. You can access it any time suitable for you. 
You have to submit your assignments as per given time and your completed and submitted assignments will be checked by your trainer and teacher. If anything wrong finds your submitted assignments, it will be discussed in live virtual classes.
Online Virtual Classes will be also arranged by your trainer and teacher to discuss all the topics and every point provided on study materials. In virtual classes you will discuss any related topic of your course with your trainer and teacher. In the online virtual classes trainer and teacher will teach you in an environment like real training or teaching classes. Schedule of Online Virtual Classes will be available on the prescribed time as discussed in the Logistics Training Page of the website. For Online virtual classes of your course you have to join the virtual class session as per given time on the classroom notifications.
You have to finish all the assignments in the given time and learn all the study materials within the course period. You have to join all the virtual classroom sessions to discuss and learn your topics and courses. 
After the course period you are not able to join the courses and classes.
A Certificate of Participation in the course will be issued to you by your trainer after completion of course.

In the Logistics Training Classroom, you will see two types of courses.

1) Skill development Courses in Logistics & Supply Chain.

The online skill development Course contains the following syllabus.

  • Basics Of Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Freight Forwarding & Containerization
  • Documentation & Incoterms
  • Cargo Handling and Insurance
  • Network Design, Warehousing & Inventory
  • Ports, Dry Ports, Airports & ICDs
  • IT & Commercial Aspects of Logistics
  • Models of Forecasting & Analysis Process
  • Entrepreneurship and Self Employment

2) Training Classes of different topics in Logistics and Supply Chain.

The training classes of different topics in logistics contain all the related topics you want to learn and upgrade your knowledge and skills as per modern and latest competitive needs of industries. 

To know more you can visit our Logistics Training Page and Logistics Training Classroom.