This is the time of pandemic. In this pandemic we have learned many things about the needs of our supply chain and logistics. This pandemic says that we have to improve our supply chain for medicals. Our medical supply chain really needs many experts and skilled people. A proper and skillful medical supply chain is the need of our society and medical system. 

Join Study is also understanding this need and decided to update the Skill Development Course as per need. We have added the very important topic is the syllabus of skill development courses like Network design, Warehousing & Inventory, Cargo handling, Model of Forecasting, etc. These are highly important topics for maintaining Medical Logistics and Cold Chain for medical equipment, vaccines, life saving drugs, oxygens and medicines. Including these important topics we also added another new topic Entrepreneurship and Self Employment. This topic helps professionals to start their own Medical Logistics Firm. 

So our new improved syllabus meets new demands of logistics & supply chain. We have also started a topic related short training program for those professionals and new comers in the industries who are  needing only training on some topics for updating their skills in logistics & supply chain.

Join Our Courses and become the leader of Medical logistics and Cold Supply Chain for Medical. Our high quality online courses with world class virtual classrooms and a great learning platform of cloud based systems are enriched with a high quality knowledge base that helps you to manage your study time. These courses and classes are designed by top chartered logistics professionals and always updated.

Companies and firms are also welcome to schedule a training program of their staff  and managers with us. Authorities have to make a contact with us on my email address or they can contact me on any of the given contact details on the Contact Page of this website. Authorities are always welcome to schedule an online meeting with me by Book Appointment link. You can also contact us by the contact form given below.

After a discussion on meeting and finalizing everything about training of staff and managers we will continue and schedule training sessions.

Our new batch with updated syllabus will start from 15th June 2021. Visit our training page to read all the details and and register in the course to join our training classes.